The application of monochrome LCD screens is so extensive!

- Aug 06, 2019-

The application of monochrome LCD screens is so extensive!

Monochrome literally understands the meaning of a color. From the LCD industry to understand, it is black and white display, no color. Monochrome LCD screen multi-finger segment LCD screen, color LCD generally refers to TFT.TFT-LCD

The monochrome liquid crystal has TN/HTN/STN/FSTN pen segment type, dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), BLACK MASK black film multi-color display, and liquid crystal display module module (LCM).Character LCD Display Module Acm

The important thing about the monochrome LCD screen is that it is used in a wide range of fields, such as induction cookers, calculators, electricity meters, perm clips, car stereos, thermostats, digital calipers, air conditioner remote controls, air conditioner fans, thermometers, Blood pressure monitor, charger, electronic scale, credit card machine, digital meter, fuel dispenser, digital electric pen, water meter, mobile phone, rice cooker, safe, water heater, massager, stepper, radio, electronic watch, fax machine, etc.

On the monochrome LCD screen, there is a black-and-white display effect, and there is no other excessive decoration, although there is not too much color, but in the field of household electronics and household appliances or in the industry, single A large number of color LCD screens are used. It is an indispensable part. The advantage of the monochrome LCD display is that it is a combination of modules, which represents a very simple and practical form.

In the wide application of monochrome LCD screen, we can find that some are in the induction cooker or rice cooker, or it may be related to the meter. These can be used as the display screen, which can be used quickly and at the most. In the main form, we can also better discover the performance capabilities they carry. This kind of better basis is in its own implementation, and it will slowly undergo a very good transformation. Better is that it will Form a certain comparison with other products, and at the same time be better accepted.

Black and white liquid crystal LCD generally uses TN (Twist Nematic) to twist the nematic liquid crystal. Its working principle: nematic liquid crystal is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The surface of this glass is first coated with a transparent conductive film ITO (indium tin oxide). For use as an electrode, an alignment layer PI (polyimide) is applied over the glass having the thin film electrode to align the liquid crystals in a direction that is specific and parallel to the glass surface. The natural state of the liquid crystal has a distortion of 90 degrees, and the liquid crystal molecules can be rotated by the electric field, and the birefringence of the liquid crystal changes with the direction of the liquid crystal. As a result, the polarized light rotates in the polarization direction after passing through the TN type liquid crystal. As long as the appropriate thickness is selected so that the polarization direction of the polarized light changes just 90 degrees, two parallel polarizers can be utilized to make the light completely unpassable. A sufficiently large voltage allows the direction of the liquid crystal to be parallel to the direction of the electric field so that the polarization of the light does not change and the light passes through the second polarizer. Then, you can control the light and darkness of the light.