What is the difference between mobile phone display COP, COG & COF

- Oct 24, 2019-

The full name of COP in English is "Chip On Pi". It is a brand-new screen packaging process. Currently, it mainly appears in a small number of high-end flagship fuselages, such as iPhone X and OPPO Find X.

The principle of COP screen packaging is to directly bend a part of the screen to further reduce the frame, which can achieve a nearly borderless effect. However, due to the need to bend the screen, all models using the COP screen packaging process need to be equipped with an OLED flexible screen. To put it simply, COP is a new screen packaging process, which was launched by Apple iPhone X. Find X is the second mobile phone to adopt this screen packaging technology, and there should be more in the future.

COG is called "Chip On Glass" in English. It is currently the most traditional screen packaging process and the most cost-effective solution with a wide range of applications. Before the full screen has not formed a trend, most mobile phones adopt the COG screen packaging process. Because the chip is directly placed on the glass, the utilization rate of the mobile phone space is low, and the screen-to-body ratio is not high, which is currently extremely large. Many thousands of yuan phones, and even some high-cost mid-to-high-end phones, are still using COG technology.

The full name of COF in English is "Chip On Film". This screen packaging process integrates the screen’s IC chip on a flexible FPC and then bends it to the bottom of the screen. Compared with the COG solution, it can further reduce the frame and improve the screen. Proportion, that is, the "chin" solution for reducing the size of mobile phones is often said.

At present, there are many mobile phones using COF packaging technology, including many mid-to-high-end mobile phones, and even mainstream flagship phones. These screen packaging solutions, such as Meizu 16, OPPO R17, vivo nex, Samsung S9, Xiaomi MIX2S, etc. Using this screen packaging process.

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Taken together, it can be concluded that: COP> COF> COG, COP packaging is the most advanced, but the cost is also the highest, followed by COP, and finally the most economical COG. In the era of full-screen mobile phones, the screen-to-body ratio is often closely related to the screen packaging process. Therefore, when buying a full-screen mobile phone in the future, you may wish to pay attention to the screen packaging process.