The difference between lcd splicing screen and led splicing screen.

- Oct 09, 2019-

The difference between lcd (lcd) and lcd (light-emitting diode) display: the characteristics of lcd's splicing screen. High brightness, high contrast: the did liquid crystal splicing screen has higher brightness, which is different from the ordinary tv and pc LCD screen? The brightness of the tv or pc LCD is generally only 250-300cd/ m2, and the brightness of the did LCD can reach above 700 cd/ m2. The did liquid crystal splicing screen has a contrast of 1200:1, even up to 10000:1 contrast, more than one time higher than the conventional pc or tv liquid crystal screen, and is three times higher than that of the general rear projection. 2. Thanks to the color calibration technique developed for the professional development of the did product, the dynamic picture can be color-calibrated in addition to the color calibration of the still picture. This ensures accurate and stable picture output. In the aspect of color saturation, the didlcd can reach high color saturation of 80-92%, while the color saturation of the conventional crt is only about 50%. 3. The brightness is uniform, and the image is stable and does not flash. Since each point of the lcd always keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it is not necessary to constantly refresh the pixel points like crt. Therefore, the lcd has a uniform brightness, high image quality and no flicker. 4.120 hz frequency doubling refresh frequency, did product 120 hz frequency doubling liquid crystal display technology?


 Can effectively solve the drag and tail and blur in the fast motion of the image? Enhance the sharpness and contrast of the image? Make the picture more clear? The human eye is not easy to be tired for a long time. 5. The visual angle is wider, and this technique is used? The visual angle can be up to 180 degrees (transverse and vertical), and the application of the pva technology, i.e. the image vertical adjustment technique, enables the liquid crystal splicing screen to have a wider visual angle. 6. The pure plane shows, lcd is the representative of the flat panel display device, is the real flat display, completely free of curvature big picture? No distortion. 7. The ultra-thin narrow-edge design, the liquid crystal splicing screen not only has the characteristics of the super-large display area, but also the ultra-thin and thin edge design. Can be conveniently spliced and installed. The special liquid crystal screen is spliced and has excellent narrow-edge design so that the edge of the single chip is even below 1 cm, so that the small edge effect does not affect the overall display effect of the whole display screen. 8. With high service life, the service life of the didlcd LCD backlight can be up to 5-100,000 hours or more. This ensures the consistency of the brightness, contrast, and chroma of each LCD used by the splice display after a long time of use? 


And the service life of the display screen is ensured to be no less than 50,000 hours. 9. The reliability is better, the common liquid crystal screen is a television, and the pc display design does not support the continuous use of day and night. The id LCD is the monitoring center and the display center is designed. It is supported for continuous use at 7 x 24 hours. the difference between the lcd (light-emitting diode) display screen and the led (light-emitting diode) display screen is the light-emitting diode (led The display content is clearly visible when the brightness of the light is strong in the surface of the direct sunlight screen within the visible distance. The automatic brightness adjustment has the function of automatic brightness adjustment, and the best playing effect can be obtained in different brightness environments. Video, animation, chart, text, picture and other information display, networked display, remote control 4. Advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, modular design/ constant current static drive, automatic brightness adjustment 5. The super-gray control has the gray-scale control of 1024-4096, the display color is more than 16.7 m, the color is clear and vivid, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. The static scanning technology adopts a static latch scanning mode, and the high-power driving is used for fully ensuring the light-emitting brightness 7. The imported large-scale integrated circuit is adopted in a comprehensive way, so that the reliability is greatly improved, and the static scanning technology is convenient for debugging and maintenance. The static latch scanning mode and the high-power driving are adopted to fully ensure the light-emitting brightness 9. The image is clear, free of jitter and ghost, and the distortion 10 is eliminated. Super-highlighted solid-color pixels 11. All-weather work is fully applicable to all kinds of outdoor and bad environment, water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, anti-seismic overall performance, good display performance, high cost performance, and the pixel barrel can adopt various specifications such as p10mm, p16mm and the like. the lcd (light-emitting diode) liquid crystal splicing screen is different from the led (light-emitting diode) display screen: the application of 1. lcd liquid crystal splicing screen is widely applied to the fields of finance, securities information display terminal, airport, port, dock, subway, highway and other transportation industry information display terminal; commercial, media advertisement, product display and other display terminals; and scheduling, Control room 6, radio and television, large play/ performance place; mining and energy safety monitoring system; fire protection, weather, maritime, flood control, traffic hub command system; military, government, city and other emergency command system; education training/ multimedia video conference system. 2. The light-emitting diode (led) display screen is applied to sports, advertising, plant and mine enterprises, transportation, station, dock, airport, hotel, bank, securities market, construction market, tax, market, hospital, finance, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, education system, auction house, industrial enterprise management and other public places.