The difference between led display and lcd display, which is better between lcd display and led display

- Oct 23, 2019-

Led backlight: power saving (30% ≤ 50% compared with ccfl), high price, high brilliance and saturation. Ccfl backlight: compared with led backlight power consumption (or much more power saving than crt), cheap. Picture difference: led backlight color is bright, saturation is high (ccfl and led natural light source is not the same). 


How to distinguish: the led backlight will especially emphasize that what led tv, does not emphasize is that there is still a real led tv (on the ccfl lcd tv market that does not rely on backlight. Both), sony and samgsung, which will actively shine, but its panels are currently below 11 inches, and the price is very expensive. Like sony 11-inch amoled, the tv asking price about rmb18000, belongs to the high-end market, so it is rare on the market. 


Let's take a look at the actual picture comparison between lcd and led, the following two notebook displays: the one on the left is ccfl backlit lcd, the right is led backlit lcd, is red, green and blue, respectively, and the contrast is as follows: from the figure, we can see that the color difference between LCD screen and led screen is not very big under the general observation of the naked eye. If you just pay a money price that doesn't match the name led, it's really unnecessary.