The difference between liquid Crystal display and traditional crt display

- Dec 12, 2019-

Liquid crystal display and traditional crt display, resolution is one of the important parameters. 

The resolution supported by traditional crt display is more flexible, and the pixel spacing of liquid crystal is fixed, so the display mode supported is not as many as crt.

 The best resolution of liquid crystal, also known as the maximum resolution, in which the liquid crystal display can show the best image. When LCD displays a display mode with low resolution, there are two ways to display it. 


The first is centered display: for example, when svga 800 × 600 is displayed on the xga 1024 × 768 screen, only 800x600pixels in the middle of the screen are presented, while the other pixels that are not presented remain dark. 

At present, this method is rarely used. The other is called extended display: when displaying pictures below the best resolution, each pixel is extended to adjacent pixel display by differential algorithm, so that the whole picture is filled.


 This also makes the screen lose its original clarity and real color. Because the maximum resolution of liquid crystal display of the same size is the same, the price of liquid crystal of the same size is generally not related to the resolution. When you buy a liquid crystal, don't just look at the brightness contrast and forget to look at its physical resolution.