The difference between OLED screen and LCD screen

- Nov 04, 2019-

  1. Olcd is a high-performance flexible display screen and a sensor by using a plastic substrate, and the core application of the technology is organic lcd (olcd), which is not only light, thin, broken, but also can be bent (up to 10 mm), fit and shape; The operation principle of lcd is to control the light-emitting diode in the semiconductor, in general, it is composed of a plurality of red light;

  2.  Olcd is the lowest cost flexible display screen technology. By using the qualified materials and the process, the olcd can be expanded to a large size, and meanwhile, the invention has the characteristics of high brightness and long service life, and in particular can meet the high requirements of the on-board display screen.

    The difference between OLED screen and LCD screen

  3.  Olcd is based on the technology of flexible low-temperature organic thin film transistor (oft), and is produced by the tft-lcd production line at low cost, such as tac and pet. Compared with amorphous silicon, the electric performance of the oft base plate is better, which enables the plastic lcd to have the same display quality and reliability as that of the glass lcd, has good ductility, is more thin and light, and can be broken, and can be adapted to various surfaces. the invention has good application prospect in the field of large and small size panels.

  4.  The simple oldcd is a better performance in the display characteristic, and can be produced quickly on the basis of the current lcd, so that the cost of upgrading and upgrading is greatly saved for the current lcd plant;