The difference between the lcd (lcd) lattice screen and the code-breaking screen

- Oct 10, 2019-

The difference between the lcd dot matrix screen and the segment code screen:1. The dot matrix type liquid crystal is an array which is arranged according to a certain rule, and is common with a graphic dot matrix liquid crystal module. It is composed of a number of points, through which the graphic or Chinese characters to be displayed can be displayed, and the screen, right, left, right, and animation functions can be realized. For example, the 12864 dot matrix LCD has 128 points in the horizontal direction and 128 * 64 points in total. 2. The segment code liquid crystal is also called a pen-segment type liquid crystal, which means a fixed display screen which is displayed or not displayed at a given position, can only be used for display of characters and numbers, mainly for replacing the led (light-emitting diode) nixie tube (composed of 7 pen sections, for displaying the numbers 0 to 9), such as a calculator and a clock, The display and the like on the seat machine and the like, the display contents are both digital and simple. The main difference between the segment code and the dot matrix liquid crystal screen is that the segment code liquid crystal displays the digital and the characters, and the dot matrix liquid crystal screen can not only display the digital but also can display the image and the Chinese character, and the segment code liquid crystal screen is also much cheaper in price. As shown in the following figure, it can be seen that the display effect, Shenzhen Ruixiang flying lattice liquid crystal screen, can display graphics, Chinese characters and characters, and display what is realized through your software and can be transformed. The code-breaking screen can also display graphics, Chinese characters and characters, but which position of the code-breaking screen displays the graphic and the Chinese character is fixed. Only a "8" or a "Mimi" can be converted. I hope to help you. 

The following figure shows the effect of the next display 


Broken code display effect diagram