The Glass/Glass (G/G) type capacitive touch panel (CTP)

- Jun 27, 2019-


The Glass/Glass (G/G) type   capacitive touch panel (CTP) has been used for glass cover lens laminated
  with glass sensor.

The cover glass is used to protect   the sensor glass underneath, and the sensor glass is used to sense the touch   points. The sensor glass is coated with two conductive layers of ITO: one for   the x-axis, another for the y-axis. There are two types of G/G solutions:   double-sided indium-tin oxide (DITO), patented by Apple, and single-sided ITO   (SITO) that is the most popular used in the CTP industry.


The overall thickness of EDT’s G/G   type CTP can be from 1.1 mm for portable device to 3.5 mm or even thicker for   various industrial applications. Advantage for G/G type CTP is that the glass   cover lens can be custom made by screen-printed on the rear surface, in-mold   decorated (IMD), complex treatment with multiple holes and slots, rounded   corners, even bent edges, and in most cases, chemically strengthen to enhance   its resistance to external impact.