The knockout stage of lcd display screen industry continues, especially the small and medium-sized panels set off an exit tide.

- Oct 25, 2019-

Huaying recently announced the liquidation, the japanese display factory jdi also has to rely on foreign aid to survive, even the south korean screen factory lgd losses, deliberately fade out of small and medium-sized display business. Small and medium-sized display screen market concentration increased, leaving only Samsung and Beijing Oriental, Tianma dominate the market. 

Mainland ltps panel, amoled panel capacity, and the smartphone market into the plateau, brand market concentration increased, panel factory bargaining power reduced, resulting in last year's small and medium-sized panel prices collapsed. The price of mobile phone panels fell more than 20% last year, the first half of this year still has a double-digit decline, small and medium-sized panels factory long-term losses, this year burst out of the market. 

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Huaying financial crisis broke out at the end of last year, although the request for reorganization, but because of poor physique, long-term development prospects are difficult to reverse, the reorganization was rejected by the court, finally sadly declared bankruptcy, on the way to liquidation, became the first to leave this wave of panel factory. 

Jdi customers are concentrated in apple, but in the last two years apple pipa don't hug, the flagship of the use of amoled panel, so that years of loss-making jdi cannot survive, seeking external funding. Jdi's assets totaled 410.5 billion yen and its liabilities totaled 487.7 billion yen, which is already insolvent. Fortunately, the japanese banking group extended the amount of financing for jdi until the end of this year, allowing jdi to breathe.

However, after tpk-ky chenhong announced the withdrawal of jdi investment case, a few days ago, cashew fund also announced the withdrawal, whether external funds can be in place in real time rescue is worth observing. Lgd has always been apple's main panel supplier, but apple's shift to amoled, plus investment of 100 billion yuan in amoled panels, has made it hard for the company to lose more in the first half of the year, triggering a major internal staff shock and a decision to fade out of the small and medium-sized panels and apple's supply chain. 

But the global smartphone market, with more than 1.3 billion units a year, has been a leader in small and medium-sized panel technology, which has always been the first of its kind. From the last ltps panel to the fast-rising amoled panel in the last two years, it has been introduced into higher-order smartphone apps, then into middle-order phones, then into higher-order pen-electrics, higher-order tablets and on-board display apps. A number of panel manufacturers have withdrawn from the mobile phone panel market will affect high-order panel technology investment, as well as other small and medium-sized panel application market operation.