The liquid crystal module (lcm) constitutes the main component and the material application.

- Oct 11, 2019-

  1. Polarizer: mainly as a grating, only a single direction of light can pass through, but also can protect the cf layer and tft layer

  2. cf layer and tft layer: one up to form an electric field, so that the liquid crystal arrangement under this electric field.

  3. Directional (pi) film: the directional film has the directional performance so that the liquid crystal is arranged regularly on the matchable film.

    TN LCD 3.jpg

  4. Transparent metal conductive layer (ito): allows the upper and lower glass to be electrified to control the direction of the liquid crystal.

  5. Frame glue: like the walls of a house, used to block liquid crystal contact with the outside world.

  6.  The gap ball (spacer):, like the post of the house, is used to support the upper and lower substrate

  7.  Liquid crystal: control the arrangement of liquid crystal under different electric field to obtain the light quantity of different penetration rate, so as to achieve the display principle.

  8. Backlight module: provide a backlight source to present the signal change of lcd