The performance indexes of lcd display are: resolution, contrast, brightness, etc.

- Oct 21, 2019-

  1. Kurtosis: a low-impedance metal material, a high-performance switching element, and a high-precision processing technique are generally required to achieve a large-area high-resolution liquid crystal display.


  2. Contrast: the control ic, the filter and the directional film selected during the manufacture of lcd are related to the contrast of the panel. For the general user, the contrast can reach 350:1, but the contrast in the professional field can not meet the user's demand.


 3.Brightness: lcd is a kind of substance between solid and liquid, it is not capable of emitting light, and it is necessary to use an additional light source. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display. 

4. Response time: refers to the reaction speed of the liquid crystal display for the input signal, that is, the reaction time of the liquid crystal from dark to dark or from bright to dark, usually in milliseconds (ms). 


5. Visual angle: When the backlight passes through the pole piece, the liquid crystal and the alignment layer, the output light has directivity. That is, most of the light is emitted vertically from the screen, so it is not possible to see the original color when viewing the liquid crystal display from a large angle. 

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