The status and development of China's liquid crystal display industry

- Apr 08, 2020-

After 20 years of development, Chinese LCD industry from scratch, from passive into active, has become the world's largest TN/production and output ranked fourth in the world of the STN LCD industry area, at present in China and the LCD industry related manufacturers and research institutes has about 180, about 110 of TN/the STN LCD production line, 7 TFT - LCD production line (including boe, three production lines in South Korea) and numerous TN/the STN TFT module production line.LCD association of 65 members in 2003 units, according to statistics of the 65 units in 2003 products generate combined in 13.246 billion, a 123% increase over 02, 10.779 billion, which display device (81.38%), and related materials, 1.204 billion (9.09%), manufacturing equipment 129 million, accounting for 0.97%, other 8.56%, employees about 53000 people, LCD annual production of 424 square meters, annual production of 646 square meters, ITO glass liquid crystal materials produce 79.5 tons, polaroid annual production of 96 square meters.

From the perspective of geographical distribution, China's LCD industry is mainly distributed in three regions: south China with shenzhen as the center, east China with Shanghai as the center and north China and northeast China with Beijing as the center, which corresponds to the strong distribution region of China's information industry.

South China is the earliest form of LCD, LCM regional areas of China, to still the largest enterprises, investment in the most diverse areas, the number of production line for more than 70% of the United Nations, and in shenzhen, dongguan city, two in huatai investment category to Taiwan, Hong Kong,, Hong Kong, Taiwan jin jia photoelectric represented by Hong Kong, Taiwan and investment to shenzhen tianma SDI, Kurt meyer, dongguan, dongguan new appliances such as represented by the U.S. and China domestic.

East China is a newly developed new area in recent years.This area is characterized by large investment and scale of enterprises, with more Japanese and Taiwanese enterprises. Wuxi sharp, zhangjiagang guangwang electronics, suzhou EPSON, Shanghai philips, Shanghai radio & television LCD all have large CSTN and STN production lines, and many TFT module factories are located in this area.With a large output value and a sales scale of hundreds of millions and billions of factories, this region shows a strong potential for development with the completion of the tft-lcd five-generation line cooperated by Shanghai radio & television group and Japan's NEC and other projects in the tft-lcd industrial chain.

At present, the number and overall scale of enterprises in northeast China are smaller than those in other two regions.But as the successful acquisition of South Korea in 2003 boe modern TFT three production lines, and build TFT module production line in Beijing, and the five dynasties TFT screen line, integration of downstream industry chain on a series of actions and its TFT - LCD sales in 2003 large size LCD ranked ninth in the world of the position and the five dynasties after the completion of the line drive, influence and radiation will drive the region become the LCD industry in China with important influence in the region, this area also has a outstanding characteristic is engaged in LCD research and development unit and power is concentrated.There are the United States sanwu electronics and hebei jiya, changchun lianxin, anshan atv a group of enterprises with strength and staying power.