The structure principle of liquid crystal display

- Nov 07, 2019-

Liquid crystal, that is, liquid crystal, is a very special substance. It can flow like liquid and has some optical properties of crystal. Liquid crystal, discovered by Austrian botanist reinitzer in 1888, is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement between solid and liquid. Liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a certain order, and this order is very sensitive to external conditions, such as temperature and electromagnetic field. Under the action of electric field, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules will change, which will affect its optical properties. 

liquid crystal display

This phenomenon is called electro-optic effect. Usually two pieces of glass substrate are equipped with a matching film, the liquid crystal will be along the groove alignment, because the glass substrate alignment groove deviation 900, the molecules in the same plane like shutters one by one neatly arranged, and the molecular alignment from one liquid level to another will gradually reverse 900, that is to say, the phase difference between the arrangement of the two molecules 900. The most commonly used liquid crystal type is nematic (nematic) liquid crystal, the molecular shape is slender rod shape, the length and width is about 1-10nm (1nm=10am). Under the action of different current electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will make regular rotation 90 degrees arrangement, resulting in the difference of transmittance, so as to produce the difference between light and dark under the action of power supply on and off, so that the required image can be formed by controlling each pixel.

So far, the concept of display has not been unified, but the understanding of it is mostly the same. As the name implies, it should be a display tool that displays certain electronic files to the screen and then reflects them to the human eye through a specific transmission device. 

liquid crystal display

In a broad sense, the large screen, TV set, bsv LCD screen, mobile phone and express screen are all the categories of display, but at present, they generally refer to the display equipment connected to the computer host computer.

 It is widely used, such as satellite monitoring, as small as vcd, can be said in modern society, its figure is everywhere, its structure is generally circular base and fuselage, with the continuous development of color display technology, there are some other shapes of display, but there are not many applications. 

liquid crystal display