The working principle of single Chip Microcomputer combined with lcd display?

- Oct 09, 2019-

In general, that single-chip microcomputer simulate the time sequence of the lcd interface through i/ o port, and the time sequence of the intel 8080 series, the motorola 6800 series time sequence, the i/ o port and the lcd interface are connected to the corresponding pin connection on the i/ o port and the lcd interface, and then the i/ o is bit-operated to simulate the timing of the lcd driver. 


The timing can be made into several subroutines, respectively, to write the register of the lcd driver and its parameters (commad or data), and the general recommendation is to write with c, and if it is necessary to consider using the assembly efficiently. In addition to the 8080 and 6800 interfaces, there is a spi 3-wire and a 4-line and iic interface, which can be used to simulate the timing with i/ o. If it is the controller mode, special ic access is required to drive (single-chip computer-> controller-> lcd dirver).