Types of liquid Crystal display screens

- Nov 04, 2019-

  1. Mva/ p-mva panel technology. Mva is developed by fujitsu, japan. It has the advantages of good color performance, strong pure black expressive force and wide viewing angle. Fujitsu has long used the mva technology to taiwan's enterprises. As a result of the active participation of the Taiwanese enterprises, the cost of the mva panel has dropped very quickly in recent years, and the market penetration rate is high, which is a kind of wide-view panel that we normally have in contact with. At present, the manufacturer has introduced the version p-mva of mva, and the response time has reached the level of 8 ms or even higher, and the cost is lower.

    liquid Crystal display screen

  2.  Pva/ s-pva panel technology. Pva is a wide-angle technology developed by samsung, which is similar to fujitsu's mva with an apparent angle of up to over 170 degrees (horizontal and vertical), and then samsung has developed a new s-pva panel on the pva panel. S-pva's response time can be up to 8 ms or higher, and the contrast is also greatly improved.

    liquid Crystal display screen

  3.  Ips/ s-ips panel technology. Ips is a wide-angle technology developed by Hitachi, and ips offers a double 160-degree (horizontal and vertical) perspective. Hitachi then introduced s-ips technology, which further increases the viewing angle, and the response time and contrast are improved. At present, Hitachi has authorized the ips/ s-ips technology to be used by other companies, such as lg-Philips, Chimei Electronics, and so on. The ips/ s-ips are common in large-screen LCD televisions manufactured by Hitachi, lg, and Philips, and there are not many liquid crystal displays using this technology. It is only used in some high-end models of the Philips p-series liquid crystal display and eizo.

  4.  Other panel technology. In addition to the three main wide-angle technologies described above, there are Panasonic ocb, Sharp's asv/ sha, modern electronics (already acquired by the domestic Beijing-Eastern Group) ffs technology, etc.