What are the advantages of oled over lcd?

- Oct 18, 2019-

Oled is thinner and more power-saving compared with lcd, and the color display is more delicate. In a simple, light, low-power, plus a full-screen trend last year, oled can make a higher screen-to-screen ratio, which is where it is. But in the case of use, the impression that many people have been for oled is to burn the screen, while the relatively lcd screen is rare. In addition, there are disadvantages in screen pixel, which is also a direct cause of that early burn screen. 


However, with the development of science and technology, the screen manufacturing factory has made great improvement. Such as by moving the normally bright area through the algorithm, enlarging the diode area to reach the average screen pixel life. At present, the phone with the oled screen will rarely have a burn-up problem. Of course, in addition to the burn-in screen, oled also has the problem of stroboscopic, after all, a good product, all of which is passing through the continuous improvement and the repair.