What are the advantages of vertical LCD advertising machine?

- Apr 07, 2020-

Vertical LCD advertising machine is different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media, its application range is wide, the effect is significant.Vertical LCD advertising machine is mostly used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather. This type of advertising machine can broadcast advertising information to specific people through the large screen terminal display equipment in specific physical places and specific time periods.Vertical LCD advertising machine has a multimedia advertising machine system, users can control the remote terminal, multimedia broadcast quality can not be restricted by broadband, channels are not limited by the server, can have any multi channels, and can achieve each terminal has a separate channel.

Advantages of vertical LCD advertising machine

Vertical LCD advertising machine mainly has the following advantages:

The re-description

The huge floating population is the biggest advantage of the vertical LCD advertising machine audience, this feature makes the vertical LCD advertising machine has a broad living space, also need not worry about the competition of traditional TV advertising.The application scope of LCD advertising system can be extended to the city bus, subway, taxi and even railway train and other systems.It has great potential commercial value.


Traditional TV has to be watched from a fixed place.This is basically a luxury for the fast-paced working people.And the appearance of vertical LCD advertising machine, appear more flexible, let people get more updated information, greatly meet the needs of people for information in the fast-paced society.

Internal accessibility

LCD advertising information release system is set up by advertisers themselves, the audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, only to pay "attention" resources, which is easy to accept for the public.Can say, the popularization of liquid crystal advertisement is a kind of business that can profit already have social commonweal sex qualitative undertaking.

Maximum utilization of information

How to maximize the economic and social benefits of existing information to serve a larger audience has always been a concern of advertisers.The utilization of information by traditional TV media is far from achieving its due effect.And the new vertical LCD advertising machine can make the maximum use of information, let it play the greatest value.

High cost performance

Advertisers need the best cost-effective advertising, will spread their advertising to more audiences, vertical LCD advertising machine can be said to be a better choice.First, the information is broadcast all day and the audience can watch it all day.According to the different audiences, LCD advertising machine can broadcast different programs and advertising content, so that each time period has become the prime time for advertising.Second, reach out to the most valuable people.The biggest advantage of LCD advertising machine is the wide audience and the large number of mobile population, the target of its dissemination or service includes the city and the mobile population in the densely populated areas between cities.These people are the general consumer groups, so LCD advertising this compulsive viewing nature of the media, for FMCG transmission, should be a good choice.