What are the application fields of LCD segment LCD display?

- Jul 27, 2020-

The segment code LCD screen is one of the LCD screen display modes. The LCD screen has two modes: segment code and dot matrix. Segment code is also called pen break. A number is displayed by 8 characters, and an 8 is displayed by 7 It is composed of a pen segment and can display numbers from 0 to 9. Such as calculators, clocks, etc., the display content is all numbers. It can also display different graphics such as windmills, temperature symbols, etc. It is widely used in the following industries.


Medical electronic segment code LCD screen: electronic infusion pump, lung capacity tester, asthma atomizer, vision corrector.


Instrumentation segment code LCD screen: water meter, electric meter, natural gas meter, gas meter, heating meter, thermometer, hygrometer, etc.


Segment LCD screens for household appliances: air purifiers, water purifiers, induction cookers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, washing machines, refrigerators


Car electronic segment code LCD screen: car instrument, electronic water temperature gauge, electronic oil meter, electronic pressure gauge


Industrial control segment code LCD screen: opening meter, tachometer, lap meter, voltmeter, ammeter


Financial tax control segment code LCD screen: u shield, small POS machine, currency counter, currency detector, golden tax tray


Health physiotherapy segment code LCD screen: foot bath, nail machine, low-frequency treatment instrument, massage chair, moxibustion instrument,


Beauty salon segment code LCD screen: perm, face-lift device, breast enhancement device, hair straightener, mite removal device


Power tool segment LCD screen: electric wrench, assault drill, tension gauge, electric zipper saw


Segment code LCD screen of scientific and educational equipment: vernier caliper, infrared rangefinder, electronic curriculum schedule, classroom clock


Segment code LCD screen for maternal and infant products: breast warmer, breast pump, temperature measuring bottle, smart water cup, car water heater, car refrigerator


Segment code LCD screen for agricultural tools: soil moisture tester, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium tester, automatic irrigation system, pH tester, sugar content meter


Fire alarm segment code LCD screen: fire sensor alarm


Photographic equipment segment LCD screen: SLR camera