What does fpc mean in a liquid crystal module?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Say to fpc cable, do you know or know what fpc is? Fpc is divided into a wide variety of functions, such as the fpc antenna, the fpc touch screen, the fpc capacitance screen, and the like. The fpc flat cable of the fpc flat cable is one of the fpc, and therefore the constitution of the fpc is the same as that of the fpc. The fpc is generally elongated, and the two ends are designed to be needle-like, which can be directly connected to or welded to the product. 


The middle is generally a line, because it requires a certain degree of flexibility for the fpc flat cable, so that the base material is generally rolled copper, is resistant to twists and turns and is flexible. The surface treatment process used by the fpc flat cable for fpc flat cable is generally gold-sinking and occasionally anti-oxidation. However, the anti-oxidation process is not high-temperature-resistant, the environment bearing capacity is lower than that of the gold deposit, and the price of the two is similar, so most of the anti-oxidation process adopts the gold-sinking art. 


In addition, there are processes such as tin-plating and tin-spraying, but the fpc temperature is generally not less than 280 DEG C, while the tin-spraying process has a temperature of more than 300 DEG C, and the hardness of the solder paste is small, so that it is rarely used. The function of fpc and the function of the fpc cable are to connect two related parts or products. Now, many products use the flat cable because it has certain flexibility, and the fpc cable has been used in many products such as the printer, the mobile phone, the notebook and the like.