What does led backlight mean?

- Oct 10, 2019-

Led backlight refers to the use of led (light emitting diode) as the backlight source of liquid crystal display screen. Compared with the traditional ccfl (cold cathode tube) backlight source, led has the characteristics of low power consumption, low calorific value, high brightness and long life, and is expected to completely replace the traditional backlight system in recent years. Led backlight can improve the color performance of lcd display. Led light is produced by three led, which provides a color spectrum that is quite consistent with the lcd image point filter itself. The Chinese character interpretation of backlight is "light can not be irradiated directly" or "avoid the direct irradiation of light". In the electronic industry, backlight is a form of lighting, often used in lcd display. 

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The difference between the backlight and the forelight is that the backlight shines from the side or back, while the front light, as the name implies, shines from the front. They are used to increase lighting in low light sources and the brightness of computer monitors and liquid crystal screens to produce light in a manner similar to that of crt displays. Its light source may be incandescent bulb, electro-optic panel (elp), light-emitting diode (led), cold cathode (ccfl) and so on. The electro-optic panel provides uniform light on the entire surface, while other backlight modules use scattered light sources to provide uniform light. Backlight can be any color, monochromatic liquid crystals usually have yellow, green, blue, white and other backlight. The color display uses white and white light, because it covers the most color light. Led backlight is used on small, cheap lcd panels. 

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His light is usually colored, although white backlight is becoming more and more common. Electro-optic panels are often used in large displays, when uniform backlight is important. The electro-optic panel needs to be driven by high-voltage alternating current, which is provided by reverse converter circuits. Cold cathode tubes are used, such as computer monitors, and are usually white in color, which also requires reverse converters and diffuser. Incandescent backlight is used when high brightness is needed, but its disadvantage is that incandescent bulbs have a very limited life and generate a lot of heat.