What is a COG LCD?

- Mar 29, 2020-

LCD (liquid crystal display) will have a line driver circuit to control it. It is called the Gate Driver in the horizontal direction and the Source Driver in the vertical direction. Where these ICs are placed, it becomes the LCD technology. .

COG is an abbreviation of Chip On Glass, which means that the driver chip is directly bonded to the glass and is transparent. This LCD is characterized by

1. The process is simplified. Directly attach the IC bond to the conductive electrode of the LCD screen, reducing the welding process;

2. The volume is greatly reduced compared to COB (Chip On Board), which is easier to miniaturize, simplify and highly integrate. The PCB circuit is made directly on the LCD screen, so it is widely used in portable complete products that need to be reduced in size, such as mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, watches, information phones, handheld instruments, etc., and can be extended to the TFT post-process;

3. Put the IC flip-chip directly on the LCD screen, there are no problems such as IC deformation.