What is a light guide plate?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The function of the guide plate is to guide the scattering direction of light, to improve the brightness of the panel, and to ensure the uniformity of the brightness of the panel, the Good and excellent light guide plate has a great influence on the backlight plate, therefore, the design and manufacture of the guide plate in the side optical backlight plate is one of the key technologies. The Light guide plate is used by the injection molding method to suppress the propylene into a smooth surface plate, and then with a high reflection and non-absorbent material, in the substrate on the bottom of the screen printing of the way to print the diffusion point, cold cathode fluorescent lamp is located on the side of the guide plate on the thick end, cold cathode tube emitted by the reflection to the thin When the light hits the diffusion point, the reflected light will spread to all angles, and then destroy the reflection conditions from the front of the Light guide plate, using a variety of dense, large and small diffusion points, can make the light guide plate even glow.


The purpose of the reflector is to reflect the light exposed by the bottom into the guide plate, which is used to improve the efficiency of light use. The light guide plate according to the different process flow can be divided into printed and non-printed, printing is in the pressure Kliping board utensils High reflectivity and non-absorbent materials, in the light guide plate bottom with the screen printing printed on the circular or square diffusion point. Non-printing is the use of precision molds to make the Light guide plate in the injection molding, in the acrylic material to add a small number of different refractive index granular material, directly formed a dense small convex point, its role as a dot. Printing does not work as well as non-printing methods. Non-printing method has excellent effect, small number of users, fast speed, high efficiency, but the technical threshold is very high, need to master precision injection molding, precision mold, optics and other technologies to master. At present, three enterprises in the world are proficient in this way, the market basically also has these three control, according to the 2002 Taiwan IEK statistics show that the market share is Asahi into (35%), Mitsubishi (25%), Kuraray (18%), the rest is mostly printed production of light guide plate. At the same time, Asahi has become the largest provider of plexiglass materials, accounting for more than 50% of the market share. Mitsubishi is the best in the world in terms of plexiglass production and processing technology. At present, most domestic manufacturers still use the printed light guide plate as the optical Guide assembly, the printed guide plate has the advantages of low development cost and fast production, rather than printing technology is more difficult, but the brightness of the performance is excellent.