What is a monochromatic screen?

- Nov 05, 2019-

The color of a single-color screen is just one of the colors of the screen backlight, most of which are modern blue or green backlights, and of course there are other less common single colors, such as red, yellow, and so on. In addition to our common single-color screen, there is a more specific backlight color: a seven-color backlight. The color of the seven-color backlight, that is, the screen backlight, is composed of seven colors, and when the device is in the working state, the seven backlight colors of the screen can be changed according to a certain sequence, which also increases the fashion index of the device to a certain extent. 

monochromatic screen

It is the meaning of a color to be understood from the meaning of the word. Understanding from the liquid crystal industry is the black and white display, no color. The liquid crystal display type is also divided into a dot matrix and a section code, a single-color liquid crystal screen multi-finger section code liquid crystal screen, and a color liquid crystal generally referred to as tft. 

monochromatic screen

Monochromatic liquid crystal has tn/htn/stn/fstn pen segment type, dot matrix liquid crystal display screen (lcd), black mask black film multicolor display screen, liquid crystal display module module (lcm). Products are widely used in electromagnetic cooker, calculator, electric meter, perm clip, automobile audio, thermocontroller, digital caliper, air conditioning remote controller, air conditioning fan, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, charger, electronic scale, card swipe machine, digital instrument, tanker, digital pen, water meter, mobile phone, rice cooker, safe box, water heater, massage device, treadmill, radio, electronic watch, fax machine and so on.