What is COF?

- Apr 10, 2020-

COF (Chip On Flex, or, Chip On Film, often referred to as flip chip film), the driver IC is fixed on the flexible circuit board grain soft film construction technology, is to use a soft additional circuit board as a packaged chip carrier Technology for circuit bonding of flexible substrates.


Construction Technology

Fix the IC on the flexible printed circuit board



Soft additional circuit board



Chip and flexible substrate circuit


Chip On FPC


Or it simply refers to a soft additional circuit board with no packaged chips, and often refers to related products using COF technology. There are three types of generalized COF:


() Tape and Reel Packaging Production (TAB substrate, its manufacturing process is called TCP)


() Flexible board connection chip assembly (narrowly defined COF substrate)


() Flexible IC carrier board package (Tape BGA / CSP)