What is Display Port and what is the difference between DP & HDMI?

- Apr 19, 2020-

1. DisplayPort(DP for short)

The DP interface, the successor to DVI, is now commonly seen as the DisplayPort interface and the miniDP interface developed by apple.Compared with DVI, DP interface has improved a lot, with qualitative changes in bandwidth and customizability.

Features of DP interface:

1) the longest external connection distance of DP interface can reach 15M, the speed can reach 10.8gb /S, and it can support 2560x1600 resolution and 30/36bit color depth.

2) it also allows audio and video signals to be transmitted over a single cable, supporting a variety of high-quality digital audio.

3) in addition to the four main transmission channels, it also provides a powerful auxiliary channel, the bandwidth of 1Mbps, the maximum delay is only 500us, can achieve a variety of functions.

4) and apple miniDP interface, more powerful, not only the interface is small, but also able to support the compatibility of various interfaces, just need to add a adapter.

At present, the latest DP interface 1.3 standard, the speed can reach 21.6Gb/s, the resolution can be directly supported to 4K, mainly used for PC, which is why the current 4K display all use DP interface.

DP and HDMI interface comparison:

HDMI advantages: support HDMI products, more mainstream.

Disadvantages: poor PC support, unable to support 3 or 6 screen multi-screen output.

DP advantage: PC support perfect, support 3 to 6 screen output.

Weakness: come out late, non-mainstream.

In a word, DP is stronger and more advanced in theory, but it comes out late, with narrow application and tends to PC field.