What is the color screen?

- Nov 05, 2019-

The screen color referred to by the color screen is substantially the concept of a color order. There are generally three color qualities that are commonly seen on the market:256 colors,4096 colors, and 64k (that is,65536) and even higher 26,000 colors and 1670 million colors. The display effect of different color quality is different. The display is divided into three categories: plain text, simple images (images like cartoons, mainly menu charts and drawn stand-by images), and photo images. As for users with higher picture quality, it is of course a good choice for 26,000 colors and 16.7 million colors. 

lcd display color screen

The color step is the index standard for indicating the brightness of the liquid crystal display screen of the mobile phone, that is, the color index commonly referred to. The world's first color-screen cell phone is designed and manufactured by Sharp. 

lcd display color screen

The type of display screen is the core parameter in screen material, color number, contrast, brightness and so on, which determines several other parameters to a great extent. The color screen of mobile phone varies according to the quality of lcd and R & D technology, and its types are stn (cstn), tft (ltps), tfd,ufb and oled. Generally speaking, the more colors can be displayed, the more complex images can be displayed, and the level of the picture is richer. The color screen mobile phones commonly seen on the market usually have 65536 (65k) colors, 262144 (260000) and 16.7 million colors. The higher the series, the better the display effect.