What is the difference between dlp technology and lcd technology

- Oct 08, 2019-

1: DLP  (digital light processor digital light output) digital projector dlp technology is the patented technology of ti (the state instrument company of the united states). The projector based on dlp display technology is the first to appear in 1996. The imaging device is a dmd (digital micromirror device). The dmd chip contains thousands of micromirrors, each representing a pixel, the on or off state represents the bright and dark of the pixel in the image. The light beam is projected on the dmd by a color wheel (color separation device) at high speed and is projected on the large screen by the optical lens. The current dlp technology is owned by ti's patent and the company is the only supplier of the dmd chip. A. The technical advantage of the dlp projector is the digital advantage: the digital technology is adopted, so that the image contrast, the gray scale (256-1024 level), the color (2563-10243), the image signal noise ratio, the picture quality stability and the like are all excellent. 


2:Secondly, the reflection advantage is that the distance between the micro-mirrors constituting the dlp image pixel is small due to the application of the reflection type dmd device, so that the transmission efficiency of the imaging device is more than 85%. The resulting image is very bright and has a high definition. B. dlp projector can be divided into single-chip computer: single-chip dlp projector has the advantages of high light efficiency, high contrast, clear image, and excellent performance in black and white images and text, and the single-chip dlp projector can be small and light in volume, and the disadvantage is that the color performance is not real and natural. The dlp projector manufactured by using the three-piece dmd chip can realize more brightness and richer color, and the brightness can be as high as 10000 ansi lumen, and is mostly applied to special occasions such as digital cinema and the like. At present, the projector of lcd technology and dlp technology is the two main camps on the market. Japanese manufacturers mostly adopt lcd technology, and the European and American manufacturers can use both lcd and dlp technology. Both the lcd and the dlp camp are in the fierce competition, whose products, technology is better, there is no clear answer at present, but it is certain that the screen contrast of the projector with dlp is high, the optical path system is designed to be more compact, and thus dominates in terms of volume and weight; And lcd is a strong point in the performance of brightness uniformity, color and detail. The two technologies each have the characteristics, it is difficult to separate the secondary, will coexist in a relatively long time in the future, unless a party has a breakthrough in the technology or in the market strategy, it is expected to break the balance and dominate.