What is the difference between the segment LCD screen and the character type, the graphic format

- Sep 25, 2020-

Segment LCD screens are LCD screens for display in calculators, electronic watches, digital multimeters, etc.


Calculator, electronic watch, digital multimeter



LCD for display,

Types of

7 fields patch together to produce digital display

The field LCD is the LCD used for display of calculators, electronic watches, digital multimeters, etc. The display type is similar to the digital tube, and the digital display is generated by patching together 7 fields. Generally, only 0~9, A~F16 characters can be displayed. This kind of LCD is simple to drive and consumes little power. It is widely used in occasions that only need to display numbers. It is also used to replace digital tubes in portable applications.

Different from character type and graphic form:


The segment type generally does not have a dedicated controller, and the displayed things are relatively fixed. Generally, the displayed content is directly opened. There is a special multi-segment LCD driver control chip.

The character and graphic liquid crystals have a controller (to translate the control commands sent by the MCU). Different controller commands are different. The specific liquid crystal structure also requires different controllers. Mainly dot matrix structure, scanning mode.