What is the difference between TN screen and IPS screen?

- Sep 29, 2020-

TN screen: the fastest response speed, high penetration rate, the lowest cost, the disadvantage is that the contrast is low and the viewing angle is not very good

Advantages of TN screen:

       1. The screen has a fast response time, which can reach a response time of 1ms, and there will be no afterimages. IPS screens are indeed inferior to TN screens. TN screens generally have faster screen response than IPS screens, so many parts Most gaming laptops use TN screens, because they are not prone to smear and the like like IPS screens, so that players can have a smoother gaming experience. This is why some higher-end Gaming laptops are still the reason for using TN screens.

Disadvantages of TN screen:

       1. Compared with the IPS screen, the TN screen has a lower viewing angle and less grayscale output. The native color is only 6bit. The color of the screen is white, the viewing angle is small, and the display effect is average, and the color reproduction, image quality, etc. The aspect is not as good as the IPS screen, so it also causes the apparent color distortion of the screen.

       2. In addition, the panel is soft and prone to water ripples.


IPS screen: the best color shift, the disadvantage is low contrast and the slowest response speed

Advantages of IPS screen:

1. The IPS screen is much better than the TN panel in terms of color display and viewing angle. It also has a dazzling performance in the range and accuracy of the color presentation. The wide viewing angle is the original advantage of the IPS panel, no matter which angle you view There is no color cast. At present, most professional screens related to image processing use IPS panels. Apple has also been bundled with IPS screens for publicity. For users who prefer Macs, IPS screens are a good choice.

2. The IPS screen panel is hard, and the screen will not be deformed if you touch the screen with your finger.

Disadvantages of IPS screens: Constrained by IPS screens that require more backlights to increase brightness, and the limitations of high power consumption, light leakage is a common problem of IPS screens.