What is the process of customizing the LCD LCD screen?

- Dec 03, 2018-

1. Custom LCD LCD screen opening process data verification: size, display graphics, logic table, display mode, driving parameters (Vo, Duty, Bias), connection mode, temperature conditions, such as drawing: Shape diagram Design Drawings confirmation: Drawing modification Mold production: layout design, lithography film production (electrode x2 , border, Silver Point, PI, Test PCB), screen printing mesh, letterpress, test frame out of Sample: Sample production Sample Confirmation: Re-sample or modify the mold after re-sample

2. Custom LCD LCD screen opening cycle: Generally out of the picture 1 ~ 3 days, depending on the complexity of the drawings and the integrity of the original data; Sample time (including mold making) is generally about 2 weeks after the drawing is confirmed. Sample production due to a large number of links, including mold design, mold production, material selection, process selection, trial production, sample testing, etc., so the probability of a success is about 90, if unsuccessful, the cycle may be significantly extended.