Which is better for amoled or lcd screens? amoled and lcd screens are compared.

- Dec 27, 2019-

At present, in the mobile phone industry, the mainstream of mobile screen materials are lcd and amoled, perhaps consumers can name some of the basic features of these two screens, such as amoled screen color gamut is wide, lcd screen is more mature, so from a technical point of view, what is the difference between amoled and lcd screens? 

What is amoled? 

Amoled full name active matrix organic light emitting diode, Core or led. Although led is also more common in daily life, in the screen, each led is very small in size and divided into three sub-pixels of red, green and blue, and then through the combination of different colors, and the arrangement of sub-pixels will directly affect the entire display effect. O in amoled, also known as organic, is "organic," that is, a series of organic thin film materials are used between positive and negative electrodes. In order to achieve the purpose of luminous. 


The advantage of oled screen is the high controllability of pixels, each pixel can be controlled independently, so as to achieve higher contrast. In addition, turning off unwanted pixels can also reduce power consumption when displaying the screen. At the same time, because the structure of oled is relatively simple and the transmittance is better, it is beneficial to achieve higher brightness and wider visual angle. 

Compared with lcd, the oled screen can be very thin, very suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones. In addition, due to the lack of hard backlight layer and with the maturity of flexible plastic substrate, oled also has great advantages on flexible screen, which makes the future equipment shape infinitely possible.