Working principle of industrial touch liquid crystal display

- Nov 12, 2019-

The usual explanation for tactile techniques for touch activation control is that the whole action of a button or switch must be fully copied in order to be most effective. But in fact, the perceptual sensitivity of human fingers is not so low. A large number of studies have found that human finger neurons can detect very small motion if appropriate acceleration is combined. 

4.3   INCH

Under the condition of more than 1.5 g acceleration, only the motion of 0.1mm can be perceived as a confirmation response by human beings. However, the minimum acceleration of 1.5 g is not enough to produce the best tactile effect. A more effective tactile effect can be achieved by generating an acceleration and a displacement with a strong stimulus. These acceleration and displacement can be seen through the phase diagram (phase portraits) shown in this paper. The phase diagram can be generated after the tactile technology is successfully integrated into the tactile interface device by electronic and mechanical means.