Working principle of lcd liquid Crystal display

- Nov 08, 2019-

A liquid crystal display, or lcd (liquid crystal display), is a planar, ultra-thin display device, consisting of a number of colored or black-and-white pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflective surface. Liquid crystal is a substance that has both liquid and crystal properties over a certain temperature range. The liquid crystal is not liquid, solid and gaseous, but the fourth state of the substance. The liquid crystal is sensitive to the effect of electricity, magnetic field, light and temperature, and uses this characteristic to convert them into visual signals, which is the liquid crystal display.

 Lcd (liquid crystal display) may be a non-fresh term for many users, but the history of such a technique may well exceed our imagination. The lcd (liquid crystal display) display has the advantages of being thin in the body, small in land occupation and small in radiation, and giving the image of a healthy product. But the liquid crystal display screen is not necessarily protected to the eye, which requires a user's habit of using a computer. 

The working principle of the lcd (lcd) is that there are many liquid crystal particles inside the display, they are arranged in a certain shape, and the color of each of them is divided into red, green and blue. The three primary colors can be reduced to any other color, and when the display receives the display data of the computer, each liquid crystal particle is controlled to rotate to a surface of different colors to form different colors and images. Also because the liquid crystal display screen has the disadvantage that the color is not enough and the visual angle is not high.

 It's possible that you can see that the product is good at the store where the liquid crystal display is being purchased, and it's a great disappointment to find that the product is moving home. This is because the main light source of the liquid crystal display screen is to reflect the external light source, and there is enough light in the place where you purchase the product, so it will have different display effects.