Display with Colors LCD Display LED Backlight

1, Shape Size: 113.3*42*4.0mm
2, Working Voltage: 2.9V~3.1V
3, Working Current: 15~20ma
4, Light Emitting Type: Surface Light Emitting
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Why does the LCD need backlight?

Display with Colors LCD Display LED Backlight,Because the liquid crystal material itself does not emit light, LED is the backlight of LCD TV, the main purpose is to improve the picture quality, especially in color saturation, the LED backlight technology display can obtain a wide enough color gamut to make up for the lack of display color of the liquid crystal display device, so that It can meet or exceed the requirements of Adobe RGB and NTSC color standards, and can reach NTSC ratio of more than 100%. Among them, Sony introduces LCD TV panel with LED backlight, especially emphasizing the performance of bright red and dark green, which can display more realistic than the previous method. s color. At the same time, because of the planar light source characteristics of the LED, the LED backlight can realize the color and chromaticity adjustment function of the sub-region that the CCFL cannot match, thereby realizing more accurate color reproduction to meet the needs of the graphic publishing and graphic design work. The dynamic adjustment allows the brightness and contrast to be dynamically corrected when displaying different images for better picture quality.

LCD Display LED Backlight Technical Drawings

backlight for LCD

LCD Display LED Backlight

back light factory

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