FSTN Black Character LCD Module Screen

(1) Display format: 8 characters 2 lines
(2) Construction: TN/STN LCD panel, Bezel, Zebra and PCB.
(3) Controller: S6B0069 or Equivalent.
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image Character LCD Display with gerry back

About LCD summary of frequently asked questions

  • 1. Do I want LCD screens with other sizes and fields to be customized?

  • A: Yes!First of all, please send us the size you want to order. You can also take samples and we will recommend the right size products.

  • 2. This LCD monitor has the same shape as we want, but can it be changed in size? And the displayed images and numbers need to be changed a bit.

  • A: For segmented LCD modules, if you need to modify the form factor or display content, you need a new LCD glass module. We have to open new tools for you, so the cost will increase your email. We will respond to your request if you can do it and the price.

  • What do you offer with this LCD monitor?

  • A: TN STN HTN FSTN, etc., we all have production, we do product research and development and production, you can do what kind of product you want.

Production Equipments (1)Production Equipments (2)Production Equipments (3)产品介绍1产品介绍2产品介绍3产品介绍7工厂设备1工厂设备2


 Financial :tax control-tax control cash machine, poss machine, usb-key cheque printer, banknote counting machine, tax control invoice machine, etc. 


Consumer electronics:mp3,mp4,dvd, electronic dictionary, click reader, early teaching machine, learning machine, electronic organ, electronic clock, chronograph, calculator, etc. 


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