Advantages And Development Requirements Of LED Backlight

- Dec 30, 2018-

LED as a liquid crystal backlight compared with the traditional backlight, it uses LED backlight, the volume of the LCD panel will be further reduced; second, the LED is made up of a number of raster LED, each "lattice" has an LED, so that the LED backlight can achieve a real light source plane; we know,

The planar light source not only has the brightness uniformity, but also does not need the complex light path design. In addition, in terms of luminous life, LED backlight also has a clear advantage. Traditional CCFL backlight due to color purity and other problems, in the color scale performance is poor.

The use of CCFL backlight can only achieve 60% or 70% NTSC color area, and the application of LED backlight, LCD panel can easily now 100% of the NTSC Color field performance. Other than that. LED backlight is low-voltage drive, very safe, drive circuit module design is bound to be simple, good stability, planar structure so that LED has a solid internal structure, so that the earthquake is excellent; Finally, in the green environmental protection, LED has the advantage, it does not use the environment harmful to the metal, more environmentally friendly;

LED Backlight is very energy-saving, its power consumption is lower than CCFL backlight, because the LED internal drive voltage is much lower than CCFL, power consumption and safety are superior to CCFL. Although the LED backlight has the above huge advantages, but at this stage, it still has some problems.

The first is the cost of the problem, because LED backlight devices are monopolized, so LED backlight manufacturing costs are still relatively high, the application of LED backlight LCD products Prices at this stage is still much higher than the traditional CCFL products. Secondly, the technical problem, the current stage LED backlight technology in the luminous efficiency is still difficult to be satisfactory. Although the traditional CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp has high power consumption and general luminous quality, its luminous efficiency reaches 50~100lm/w, the main reason is that the LED will have the phenomenon of uneven current density with the increase of chip area, which will lead to the low overall luminous efficiency and also produce higher heat.

However, in the long-term development, LED backlight technology and the traditional CCFL backlight module cost gap is narrowing, even if the current can not completely replace CCFL, but the future of LED backlight technology is still very considerable. As the main component of the liquid crystal module, the backlight module is closely related to the sales volume of the LCD panel, and the demand of the global liquid crystal display panel is increasing, which increases the demand of the backlight module.