Analysis Of Supply And Demand Of Liquid Crystal Display Screen In IT Industry: It Will Be Seriously In Excess Of Supply In 2020

- Nov 13, 2019-

LCD Panel prices plummeted, panel factories generally fell into losses, some panel plants reduced capacity utilization, and even new ones delayed production, but some panel factories chose to reduce the production of unprofitable TV Display panels and increase it panel production instead.

However, the nb, monitor  display panel market has matured or even slightly declined, and as the supply of panels increases, ihs markit estimates that it panels will fall into severe oversupply by 2020.

TN 44

Ihs markit pointed out that nb panel and monitor panel price is relatively stable in recent years, stable panel price trend helps panel factory maintain profit. In recent years, almost all of the new production capacity has been TV and smart phone applications, and the nb and monitor markets have matured and are not the focus of new panel factories. And pc brand factories Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple all have strict specifications and quality requirements, these it brands have established cooperation channels with Samsung, lgd, Youda, Quchuang and Beijing Oriental and other panel factories. As a result, new entrants such as Huike, CLP Panda and Huaxing Optoelectronics are more difficult to expand their business.

When the panel factory is faced with a serious oversupply of TV panels, in addition to shutting down the production line and reducing capacity utilization, the current trend is that more capacity is turning to it panels. Samsung and lgd are restructuring their TV panel  display production lines, especially the 8.5-generation line in South Korea, but it panel capacity continues to operate, ihs markit said. The following is the latest:

1, Samsung display and LG LCD display are restructuring their LCD Display TV production lines, especially South Korea's 8.5 generation production line. However, Samsung monitors and lg display continue to operate production lines that do not yet have a restructuring plan for it panel capacity in South Korea's 8.5-generation and 7-generation production lines.

2. Since the third quarter of 2019, Qun Chuang Optoelectronics has begun a series of capacity reforms, including the gen 5 panel factory has increased its ips panel capacity for notebook computer applications and display applications, the gen 7 panel factory partial production of 50 inch TV panel capacity has converted to the production of 23.8 inch display panels, and the gen 5.5 panel factory's ips has increased the supply capacity of pc panel displays. The gen 6 panel factory allocates more laptop panel capacity.