Application Of LED Backlight In TV

- Jan 10, 2019-

When it comes to LEDS, we are familiar with them, but few people know about the knowledge or usefulness of "LED backlight".

So I'm going to start with an example of something we're familiar with, and show you how important it is and the impact it has on our lives. Carefully observed people should find that on the eve of the World Cup, the home appliance market LCD TV sales will be many times higher than usual, why? China is still unlikely to host the World Cup, for thousands of fans, not everyone can drift across the sea, to the scene to watch the game process, then the live broadcast is the final second choice. Therefore, the choice of a high resolution of the TV becomes particularly important, which is the main reason for the increase in sales. Of course, what is more important is that people's requirements for LCD screens have been met, and the dynamic clarity of the picture has reached a high level.

Go after in the end, are not indispensable to the role of backlight plate. It is well known that liquid crystals display images through backlighting. In other words, there is no backlight, the image does not appear at all. The backlight, then, plays a decisive role in some way. Today's LED LCD TVs, whether in terms of its display quality, energy consumption level or lightness and length of life, have gone beyond the traditional CCFL technology. In terms of the length of life, LED backlight because of its low energy consumption, less heat generated, even if 24 hours of uninterrupted playback can also be used for about 5 years, let alone how thin it can be. Now LCD TV can achieve such a visual effect, are in this field using a better backlight technology to complete.

Watching a World Cup is not a problem at all, and you can make up for a little bit of fans who can't go to the scene to watch the ball. Now the LED backlight has formed a pattern of two backlight sources with the traditional backlight source, and the LED backlight is expected to eliminate the traditional light source in recent years. I think it's a matter of fact to replace the traditional light source with its perfect color gamut, the management of color and its perfect motion image plus an environmentally friendly label.