AUO Deploys Smart Fields, And The World's Largest Diameter Circular LCD Display Comes Out

- Sep 02, 2020-

Panel manufacturer AU Optronics has developed the world’s largest circular LCD display with a diameter of 23.6 inches. AUO stated that it uses large-size special-shaped cutting technology to break through the existing square structure of the display. It can provide circular and long Customized ratio and size such as bar type.

In addition, the circular LCD display also has commercial/industrial quality, wide viewing angle, high brightness, and high weather resistance. It is especially suitable for outdoor environments, such as double-sided advertising signs, public information billboards, installation art, game consoles, etc. Diversified applications enhance the interactivity and eye-catching degree, and bring new visual experience to viewers. In the future, it is expected to be widely deployed in smart retail, transportation, entertainment and other application markets to enrich the smart field ecosystem.

In addition, AUO has also developed the world’s first 9.4-inch flexible active Micro LED display with the highest resolution. It was jointly developed by AUO and Nichuang Technology. Through high-speed mass transfer technology, as many as 5.5 million LEDs smaller than 30um The Micro LED is transferred to the LTPS flexible backplane, reaching the world's highest ultra-high pixel density of 228 PPI in the same size, presenting high dynamic contrast performance and highly saturated brilliant colors.

AUO stated that the 9.4-inch flexible active Micro LED display uses LTPS backplane drive technology, which is resistant to flexure and easy to bend, which can greatly increase the freedom of product design and can be used in scenarios such as wear and consumption. It is suitable for use in vehicle dashboards and center consoles, giving new possibilities for smart vehicle applications.

AUO has also developed an 8K bezel-less ultra-high screen-to-body ratio TV panel. Through a new design, the screen frame is reduced and the black matrix is reduced to the smallest range, approaching 100% of the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio, allowing the TV to blend with the wall. One, creating an infinite screen as if the frame disappears, showing an immersive vision.

This TV panel has 8K (7,680x4,320) ultra-high resolution and 120Hz high refresh rate, combined with QD quantum dot wide color gamut and HDR ultra-high dynamic range technology, can present high-quality dynamic images without image retention. As the housing economy ferments in the post-epidemic era, it will meet the market demand for top home appliances.

These three AUO products won the 2020 Gold Panel Award 2020 (Gold Panel Award 2020). Among them, the "world's first 9.4-inch flexible active Micro LED display with the highest resolution" won the Technical Excellence Award, and the "85-inch 8K bezel-less" "Ultra-high screen-to-body ratio TV panel" and "Large size arbitrary cut circular display" won the Outstanding Product Award.

AUO stated that the main reason for the award was its deep research and development capabilities and innovative products with a wide range of applications, which were recognized by the reviewers. The 2020 Display Module Product Technology Award is guided by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, sponsored by the Taiwan Display Industry Association (TDUA), and implemented by the Intelligent Display Industry Promotion Office (CIPO) of the Industrial Bureau. It is mainly to recognize outstanding performance in the field of display technology. Manufacturers.

AUO pointed out that this award-winning product will be exhibited at the "2020 Cross-domain Industry Elite Forum and International Micro LED Industry Summit Forum" at the Jiaotong University of National Chiao Tung University from August 26 to 27. Touch Taiwan in 2020 will be exhibited by The physical exhibition will be held online, and AUO will also use the platform to show off a full range of leading panel technologies.