Backlight Material Classification

- Jan 05, 2019-

Most people don't know exactly what it is, and even if they do, few will know that there are many kinds of materials for backlight production, and their functions will vary depending on the material being made.

The production material of backlight is at present a total of three kinds, some backlight is to black and white glue as the material, some backlight is to black and black glue as the material, and even the backlight is to black silver glue as the material. General backlight will have black and white double-sided glue, therefore, black and white double-sided glue as the backlight of the material, generally can play the role of glue and avoid light irradiation. Because of the black and white double-sided glue, generally whether it is dimming or lighting, can be easily obscured.

Because the backlight of this material has the effect of shading, people often call the backlight as a shading film or black and white film. Another backlight is made of black and black glue, the backlight of this material still plays a fixed role, but the effect of shading will be better. Finally, there is a black silver glue backlight, which has the other two kinds of backlight do not have the reflection function. But this kind of material is known by the Sunshine Hospital not too many people, and can use Oh ah it is relatively few places. At present, the backlight market for a variety of materials in the backlight sales of a detailed survey, according to the survey data show that the current market is more popular with consumers, or black and white glue back light source. Black and white adhesive backlight is the most sold, on the one hand, it is well known to consumers, on the other hand, its function is what people need.