Basic Knowledge And Selection Of LCD Display

- Mar 16, 2020-

LCD is widely used in display products, is the most commonly used display screen.Only by understanding the basic knowledge of LCD can we select the products better.This paper will analyze the basic knowledge of LCD screen from the aspects of contrast, response time and resolution, and then analyze the selection from the aspect of product application.

Basic information of LCD screen

1. Electro-optical characteristics of LCD LCD display screen: the characteristics of the relative transmittance of LCD with the change of external signal voltage.


Resolution is also called resolution, pixel, etc. What we see from the display screen is made up of pixels.With the same screen size, the larger the pixel, the more delicate the display.For example, the resolution of 1366*768 means the display has 1366 pixels horizontally and 768 pixels vertically.

3. Contrast

The brightness ratio of the bright state and the dark state of the LCD display under the condition that the brightness of the outside is certain;Namely the difference between foreground and background color;


When viewing the LCD screen, you can see the most clear display graphics, display the best (good contrast) Angle is called the LCD perspective,

5. Response time

The transmittance goes from 10% to 90% of the time, the time between applying the drive signal and seeing the shape you want


Selection of the LCD screen

1. We should start from the application of the product

LCD color screen as a kind of LCD LCD display, its application is very wide, among which the commercial advertising this kind of machine basically used LCD color display, there are some car LCD display, medical LCD display, monitoring, security and so on.

  1. From the dimension demand analysis

    Which instrument is the Lcd display used in?What size screen is needed!When type selection, the most critical is also the size, according to the product demand to choose the right LCD screen.Jushi mainly sells laptop screens.It may be easy to make mistakes here. In fact, the notebook screen can not only be applied in the notebook, but also be used in many fields, such as advertising machine and pos machine.

  2. Choose from the output value of the product

    If the LCD is installed on the device, the output value is relatively large.Product positioning high-end, can choose good quality display screen, good quality LCD screen display effect is better.In terms of notebook panels, narrow borders, high resolution, small interface, IPS screen, etc., are the trend of the future.