BigBook Company Introduction

- Oct 14, 2019-

BIGBOOK is a professional (LCD and LCM) liquid crystal display module, which is developed, designed and produced. It has a segment code type, a character type and a graphic dot matrix type three series standard module. And can be designed, developed and produced according to the specific needs of the customer. 

With rich experience, mature technology and advanced equipment, the company has been widely used in automotive electronics, consumer electronics, educational electronics, household appliances, sports equipment, instruments and meters, communication equipment, tax control equipment, intelligent equipment and medical equipment. Industrial control equipment, power equipment, space, military industry and other fields of products, constantly meet the needs of the LCM products in all trades and professions. The products are of high quality, micro-power consumption, fast delivery, reasonable price and timely and thoughtful technical service.

LCD 128*64

LCD Display Module

LCD Display Module(LCM)

LCD Display Module