Bigbook's Tft Screen Is Used On Mobile Phones Or Smart Appliances. Recently, Some Manufacturers Have Used Loed In Mobile Phones. Although The Oled Screen Has Been Burning In The Mobile Phone Industry In The Last Two Years,

- Sep 11, 2019-

Bigbook's tft screen is used on mobile phones or smart appliances. Recently, some manufacturers have used loed in mobile phones. Although the oled screen has been burning in the mobile phone industry in the last two years, up to Apple and small manufacturers of domestic mobile phones are using Samsung's oled screen, thinner, lighter, more transparent color is its advantage, but at the same time, because the luminous display principle is different from the traditional lcd screen, some users are still not used to or even do not like the oled screen, but only like the lcd screen. But since this year, there are few lcd screen phones to choose from, but only four.