BOE (BOE) Debuts At CMEF, IoT Solutions Empower Smart Health

- Oct 23, 2020-

On October 19th, the 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) opened in Shanghai, and well-known companies such as medical equipment and health technology from all over the world presented their latest scientific and technological achievements.

BOE (BOE) X-ray flat panel detector backplane, biological detection solutions, smart health care community solutions, smart first aid solutions, as well as smart ward solutions, smart clinic solutions, smart health equipment, etc. appeared on the exhibition site. Provide people with smarter health and medical products and services.

Currently, in the application of X-ray imaging, digital technology is gradually replacing the traditional X-ray film technology, becoming an important development trend. At the exhibition site, BOE exhibited multiple X-ray flat panel detector backplane products (FPXD) such as 1417, 1717, 4317, etc., which attracted great attention from the industry.

By optimizing the panel process and CsI (cesium iodide) technology, FpxD can greatly increase the X-ray light conversion efficiency, reduce the required X-ray dose, and significantly reduce the radiation damage to the human body.

At the same time, BOE also uses IGZO materials instead of amorphous silicon semiconductor materials to achieve high frame rate dynamic medical imaging, providing doctors with clearer and more accurate lesion images during cardiac stent surgery, digital subtraction, angiography and other medical procedures.

At present, BOE has full-size X-ray flat panel detector backplane products ranging from 12 inches to 46 inches, which have been widely used in global high-end medical equipment companies from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

In the field of biological testing, the gene sequencing Flowcell chip and digital microfluidic chip displayed by BOE have achieved brand-new technological breakthroughs. Among them, the BOE gene sequencing Flowcell chip has excellent processing accuracy and good biological stability. It can provide customers with high-quality and high-performance detection products, and has obvious advantages in the fields of gene sequencing, genotyping, and cell screening.

The BOE digital microfluidic chip integrates basic operation units such as sample preparation, reaction, separation, and detection on a micro-scale chip, precisely controls micro-scale fluids, and automatically completes the entire analysis process, which can be applied to high-throughput immunohistochemical analysis , Enzyme reaction kinetics research, cell culture identification, nucleic acid amplification and other biochemical analysis fields, and also have broad application prospects in chemical analysis, synthesis, biological testing, environmental testing, etc.

At the same time, BOE also displayed smart health care community solutions and smart first aid solutions to bring people smarter health and medical products and services.

At the exhibition site, many visitors experienced the smart health care community solution brought by BOE. People can go to the community health house and apply various types of smart health examination equipment to easily perform health testing and health management; they can also use home The Internet of Things equipment realizes the real-time detection and transmission of home vital signs data, obtains professional remote health consulting services, and earnestly understands the health status.

In order to achieve more efficient and practical pre-hospital first aid, BOE launched a smart first aid solution based on Internet of Things detection hardware, software systems and other services, which can realize the synchronous flow of information from the alarm terminal, emergency center, hospital, ambulance, and doctor/volunteer. , Effectively shorten the patient's first aid time, and escort the life safety of the public.

As a global innovative Internet of Things company, BOE deeply integrates display technology, sensor technology, big data and medical and health services, and launches innovative products and solutions in homes, communities, and hospitals, so that people can enjoy the benefits of technological innovation. The wisdom of life.