BOE Sweat Hole-level Fingerprint Recognition Technology: Fingerprint Image Resolution Up To 800PPI

- Mar 08, 2020-

Fingerprint recognition technology refers to biometric recognition technology that compares the detailed feature points of different fingerprints for identification. At present, it is widely used in functions such as screen unlocking and financial payment of mobile display terminals such as smart phones.


The traditional fingerprint recognition is an independent function module, which is generally placed in the home button fingerprint recognition hot zone of a smart phone. However, with the popularity of full screens, display terminals such as mobile phones have achieved a high screen ratio, and the Home button has gradually disappeared. Users need a new fingerprint recognition method. Under-screen fingerprint recognition technology came into being.


Screen fingerprint


After continuous technological innovation and breakthrough, BOE has launched an under-screen fingerprint recognition solution.


BOE screen fingerprint


BOE under-screen fingerprint recognition technology is suitable for OLED displays. It uses the principle of "small hole imaging". When a finger is placed on the screen fingerprint recognition area, the light emitted by the OLED light-emitting layer can be irradiated to the fingerprint through the screen and projected backwards on the built-in photosensitive sensor on the display screen. The fingerprint features are processed by collimated optical path modulation and image stitching software, and finally a digital fingerprint image that can be processed by the fingerprint device algorithm is formed.


BOE screen fingerprint vs normal screen fingerprint


Compared with other optical under-screen fingerprint recognition technologies, BOE under-screen fingerprint recognition technology has independent intellectual property rights, and the fingerprint image resolution is up to 800PPI, which achieves sweat-hole recognition accuracy; the effective detection rate of fake fingerprints is as high as 99.3%, and the security High; strong adaptability, suitable for wet finger, dry finger, high and low temperature, strong light, screen film and other applications.


At the same time, because the light path modulation unit is integrated in the display screen, the display screen thickness is reduced by more than 50% compared to the external collimated light path design scheme, which makes the mobile display terminal design thinner and lighter.


In addition, BOE screen fingerprint recognition technology also supports full screen fingerprint recognition. As the "small hole" light path design is spread throughout the display screen, equipped with a glass-based light-sensitive sensor, the size of the sensor is not limited, and functions such as fingerprint unlocking and payment under the screen can be realized on the full screen.


The mobile intelligent display terminal has entered the era of full-screen, and the fingerprint recognition under the BOE screen, as an advantage technology to increase the proportion of the display, has broad application prospects. BOE will continue to provide users with high-quality, comprehensive smart display solutions.