Comparison Of LCD Dot Matrix LCD Screen And Segment LCD Screen

- May 13, 2020-

Generally speaking, the dot matrix LCD screen can display graphics, Chinese characters and characters, and what is displayed can be changed by your software. The segment screen can also display graphics, Chinese characters and characters, but where the broken code screen displays graphics and Chinese characters is fixed. Only "8" or "meter" can be changed. Let's take a look at the difference between dot matrix LCD screen and segment LCD screen.


Dot matrix LCD


The dot matrix LCD screen is arranged in a certain order, and there is a common dot matrix LCD module. There are many points distributed in it, and the screen is displayed by controlling single or multiple points, and the screen can be scrolled up and down, left and right, and animation functions. The most common one is the 12864 dot matrix LCD screen, which has 64 dots vertically and 128 dots horizontally, for a total of 128 * 64 dots.


Segment LCD screen


Segment LCD screen is also called pen segment LCD. It refers to a fixed LCD screen that controls whether to display at a specific position or area. It can only be used for simple display of numbers and characters. It is mainly used to replace LED digital tubes It consists of 7 pen segments and is used to display the numbers 0-9), like the clock time common in daily life, the landline caller ID display, and the display function on the calculator screen. The displayed content is the number at a specific location. Compared with the segment code, the main difference between the dot matrix LCD screen is that the segment code LCD only displays characters and numbers, and the dot matrix LCD screen is much richer. It is not limited to numbers, but can also display text or images. LCD screens are also much cheaper than dot-matrix LCD screens in price.