Custom Development LCD LCD Screen Should Pay Attention To What Parameters?

- Feb 10, 2019-

At present, custom development LCD LCD screen is the most TN,HTN,STN display type of screen, but also the earliest wide application in various industries of the most basic interpersonal Exchange interface Display parts: instrumentation, small electronic products, medical industrial control industry applications in the majority. 

For many custom-developed LCD LCD screen DIY friends to buy LCD screen should pay attention to a few aspects of the general explanation. 

Angle of view and reaction speed are their common characteristics and common differences. Now people are most exposed to the screen on the phone, collectively referred to as the TFT screen, basically do not see the attenuation of the range of perspective, and the low-end class of TN,HTN,STN display has a clear perspective difference. Intra-industry noun parameters: 6H,9H,3H,12H. That is, the 6 o'clock direction, 9 o'clock direction, 3 o'clock direction, the meaning of the 12 o'clock direction. Take a hanging clock as a reference to illustrate the perspective direction, 6 points for looking up, 3 points for the left view, 9 points for the right view, 12 points for overlooking.

Shopping is especially critical. Temperature temperature is also one of the main parameters of the LCD screen, in the custom development of LCD LCD screen during the screen factory will send a drawing, which has such essential parameters, "operating temperature, storage temperature" two. Be aware of this parameter at design time and consider which environment the product is working in. LCD screen is generally divided into 3-4 ranges, normal temperature (0-50) range, wide temperature (-20-75) range, ultra-wide temperature (-30-85) range. 

When you select an error, the following reaction occurs: at low temperatures, the reaction is slow, and a shadow appears at high temperatures. The drive mode and voltage drive mode are also the settings that match the drive IC, so the drive IC should be selected before customizing the development of the LCD LCD screen, and the drive IC has detailed instructions inside. or directly into the display module can not take into account this content, the term in the industry is: duty gap and bias ratio of two.

As long as these two parameters are provided LCD factory there will be a solution, voltage is also required to provide. Display mode: That is, the effect of showing, the current low-end screen can only be black and white, LCD display principle shows that its native can not glow, so the need for bottom backlight to see clearly, so derived from the positive mode, negative mode, full transmittance mode, semi-permeable mode, there can be many combinations between them in general, the positive mode for the black Negative mode for the need to add the bottom backlight black low backlight color, semi-permeable mode for the positive bottom backlight, the full transmittance mode has negative and positive, most of which belong to the backlight display.