- Aug 05, 2019-

(1) An LCD module is a fragile item and should not be subjected to strong mechanical shocks. 

(2) Avoid applying pressure to the module surface. This will distort the glass and cause a change in colour. 

(3) Under no circumstances should the position of the bezel tabs or their shape be modified. 

(4) Do not modify the display PCB in either shape or positioning of components.

(5) Do not modify or move location of the zebra or heat seal connectors.

(6) The device should only be soldered to during interfacing. Modification to other areas of the board should not be carried out.

(7) In the event of LCD breakage and resultant leakage of fluid do not inhale, ingest or make contact with the skin. If contact is made rinse immediately. (

8) When cleaning the module use a soft damp cloth with a mild solvent, such as Isopropyl or Ethyl alcohol. The use of water, ketone or aromatic is not permitted. 

(9) Prior to initial power up input signals should not be applied. 

(10) Protect the module against static electricity and observe appropriate anti-static precautions.