How Customers Choose LCD Screen Display Effect

- Jan 15, 2019-


Black and white when positive display is the negative display of black characters

TN type display mode the distortion angle of liquid crystal is 90o


White bottom black word when positive display

Negative display is blue undertone, white font


Yellow green mode is displayed as yellow-green background color, blue and black display font blue mode is displayed as blue background color, white font gray mode is displayed as gray background color, brown blue font STN display mode liquid crystal molecule distortion angle is 180o~240o, so can adapt to higher driving capacity


FSTN in the premise of adapting to the high drive way, the black and white display and the negative FSTN of the black display are realized, and the positive FSTN is the white bottom black character FSTN is the addition of a layer or two layer compensation sheet on the basis of STN to compensate for the interference color of the STN.

DFSTN: Holographic FSTN is the addition of a holographic membrane on the basis of FSTN.