How Is BOE Counterattack?

- Mar 03, 2020-

More than 20 years ago, when the fledgling BOE set its sights on advanced LCD technology and semiconductor display, there was not a single domestically produced LCD panel in mainland China.


After years of continuous efforts and continuous innovation, boe has developed its own core technology research and development capability of semiconductor display, opening the road of high-speed development. Currently, one out of every four LCD screens in the world comes from boe.


If flat panel display is not done, once the technology of cathode ray picture tube is replaced on a large scale, the TV industry that our country develops for many years will be eliminated quickly.


In 1992, after seven consecutive years of losses, wang dongsheng, 35, was appointed as the factory director. After radical reform, in April of the following year, boe was founded, the electronic tube factory on the verge of bankruptcy was restructured, and embarked on the road of marketization, specialization and internationalization.


After establishing a joint-stock company, boe chairman wang dongsheng made a deliberate decision to enter the field of semiconductor display technology. He believes that liquid crystal display technology represents the most advanced technology direction and will replace CRT(cathode ray picture tube technology).


At that time, the CRT TV industry was developing well and LCD technology was just emerging. Most companies did not believe that CRT technology would be replaced, but boe was already feeling the crisis of technology replacement.


The reason why wang dongsheng has such a keen perception is related to boe's past experience. "The era of the Internet accelerated when the electronic tube was replaced by the integrated circuit. That's what we do, that's what we do." "Our experience at that time made us realize that technology iteration is crucial to the development of the enterprise. If we do not do flat display, once the CRT is replaced on a large scale, China's television industry, which has developed over the years, will be rapidly eliminated. If you want to do a good job in an industry, you must actively participate in the process of technological innovation, and you must independently master the core technology."


In 1994, boe established the panel display project pre-research group. At that time, there were three technical directions for flat panel display, namely PDP(plasma display), FED(field luminescence display) and tft-lcd (liquid crystal display). This TFT - LCD investment, technical difficulties are also large, not by most people.


"Studying the history of the electronics industry, we find that the evolution of electronic devices has been the replacement of vacuum electronics by semiconductor technology since the transistor was born in 1947. Based on this finding, we finally decided to choose the tft-lcd technology route based on semiconductor technology, and started to lay out in 1998."


The biggest opportunity came in 2002. That year, the Asian financial crisis plunged hyundai into debt and it announced the sale of its LCD unit. The following January, boe bought the business for $380m, gaining access to the initial technology sources and patent resources needed to enter the tft-lcd industry.


After that, boe initially formed its own core technology and r&d capability through the digestion, absorption and re-innovation of technology. In September 2003, boe built the first 5-generation tft-lcd production line relying on independent technology in mainland China. Boe made its first shipment of 17-inch LCD screens in January 2005. Since then, the Chinese mainland ended the era of no independent LCD screen. Also from this year, boe formally obtained the TFT - LCD field "admission ticket".


In order to become a globally competitive enterprise, it is necessary to make achievements in core devices and master core technologies


After entering the LCD industry through the acquisition, boe set the goal of "becoming the world's leading enterprise in the display field". "As a major producer of televisions, displays and mobile phones, China relies entirely on imports for the core components of LCD screens. How can we turn" made in China "into" made in China "? South Korea has samsung, LG, Japan has SONY, panasonic, and we have to build that."


To become a globally competitive enterprise in the field of liquid crystal display, wang dongsheng believes that we must make achievements in core devices and master core technologies. "So we must insist on independent innovation."


Since the 5th generation line was put into production in 2005, boe has persisted in technology research and development, overcome difficulties and successively built the first 6-generation tft-lcd production line and the first 8.5-generation tft-lcd production line in mainland China, seizing market opportunities and realizing rapid growth.


Boe has always maintained its respect for technology and adherence to innovation since its establishment. Mr. Wang is also thinking about how to build boe's core technology strategy. At that time, the market demand for various types of terminal display products with wide viewing Angle was gradually increasing, boe felt that it had to further expand the application of its own core technology to better meet the market demand.


The wide view technology is mainly divided into two camps: soft screen technology and hard screen technology. Soft screen technology generally refers to VA(vertical alignment) technology. Among the hard screen technology, the most representative one is ADS(advanced ultra-dimensional field conversion) technology, which boe has independent intellectual property rights. "ADS technology has many advantages that make it extremely useful for full-size displays." Dong zhixue, senior vice President and chief technology officer of boe display and sensor business group.


However, it is by no means easy to develop ADS technology. The biggest difficulty lies in how to apply the matching pixel structure and process in different sizes and product series, so as to achieve optimal device performance.


Dong xue still has a deep memory of the first small - scale application of ADS technology. "We set up a special project team to build the process route and integrate the industrial chain. The design team, the process team and the equipment team open the 'combat mode' and work around the clock to tackle technical problems." Finally, the team completed the technology development of ADS display like tablet computer in less than 5 months.


At present, boe owns ADS technology with independent intellectual property rights, which can provide the best picture quality solutions in the LCD field, especially in the aspect of high-resolution products, with higher transmittance, thus featuring high brightness, high contrast, low color bias and low power consumption.


Adhere to independent innovation, even in the most difficult times, still adhere to the strong investment in research and development


 From the constrution of the first 5-generation tft-lcd production line to the successful mass production of the world's first 10.5 generation tft-lcd production line, boe now has 14 semiconductor display production lines (three of which are under construction). Data showed that as of the first quarter of 2019, boe's total shipments of LCD screens continued to lead the world, ranking first in five application sectors, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and TV screens.


Wang dongsheng, boe's chairman, said, "the reason for our success in semiconductor display is boe's fundamental values -- respect for technology and persistence in innovation." Over the years, boe has always been committed to independent innovation. Even in the most difficult times, boe has continued to invest heavily in r&d, ensuring that about 7% of the company's annual revenue is invested in r&d.


Currently, boe has a number of world-leading solutions and technology reserves in the tft-lcd field. For example, 8K products based on ADS technology have industry-leading technology standards. BD Cell HDR scheme can achieve millions of ultra-high static contrast, the picture quality performance up to 12 bits, the brightness of the black field is less than 0.003 ni (unit of visible light intensity), can clearly restore every color and detail of the picture. In addition, boe's reflective LCD, anti - peep display and other products, can also meet users in different scenarios to use the demand. "We will continue to expand in the areas of 8K ultra hd display, HDR(high dynamic range image), intelligent interactive integration, near-eye display and other technologies." Dong xue said.


"Now that we have entered the era of artificial intelligence Internet of things, jd will develop innovative products in more iot application scenarios based on its technological advantages such as semiconductor display," said wang. We will continue to open up the application side and the technology side, and promote the integration of information technology and industry innovation.